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    50 Shades of Oral Pleasure
From the author of the best-selling 50 Shades of Pleasure: A Bedside Companion and Fifty Shades of Ecstasy comes this spicy guide to phenomenal oral sex!
In a time when taboo erotica novels are replacing the books on our coffee tables, it's no wonder that couples are exploring the naughtiest sides of sex, from silk ties and whips to candle wax and ben wa balls. But what about kink's greatest predecessor, its founding father--the blow job? Read more...

    Sex Positions Coloring Book
Brand new blockbuster full of exciting sex ideas — a new one for every day of the year.
Giving new meaning to the idea that sex position books are "fun to use," this crafty book presents a ready-to-color outline of a couple in a real sex position on each page, this is the silliest, most approachable sex book a man and woman and a box of crayons have ever shared.

    Sex Positions Deck
Packed with exciting, erotic and acrobatic positions, Sex Positions Deck offers you and your lover 101 sizzling new ways to spice up your sex life. Slip a card into her purse, hide one under his pillow, or pick a random card when you’re craving spontaneity. The possibilities are endless. Read more...

    Naughty Coupons for Couples
Tear out a coupon from this book of sizzling sexcapades and redeem for an exciting new experience with your lover.

    365 Sex Thrills
Brand new blockbuster full of exciting sex ideas — a new one for every day of the year. Read more...

    365 Sex Positions
A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year
From January 1 to December 31, 365 Sex Positions offers couples an exciting new way to spice up their sex lives every day of the year. Opening this book to any page reveals an enticing new position complete with how-to information, enjoyment tips, and an evocative photograph of the position.

  Fifty Shades of Ecstasy
Fifty Secret Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms
If the latest wave of popular erotic romance has gotten your mo tor running, this book will shift you into high gear!


  Fifty Shades of Pleasure
A Bedside Companion: Sex Secrets That Hurt So Good
If hot erotic romance novels have had you fantasizing about certain naughty pleasures, or if you just want to add a little spice to your sexy love sessions, this kinky how-to will bring your fantasies to life. Explore the pleasure of a little pain, flex muscles you didn’t know you had through hot sex positions, and learn how to make or break the rules in your playtime romp.


  Sex Position Sequences
rom Erotic Start to Spine-Tingling Stretch to Mind-Blowing Finish
Not all sex positions are equal. Some are great for increasing arousal but not a good way to finish. Others are difficult to perform but offer a sensation like nothing else.


  Him and Her
The Ultimate Guide to Your Lover
Thoughtfully written and sumptuously illustrated with photos shot on location in an exquisite California setting, Him + Her contains a treasure trove of information guaranteed to improve a couple’s entire romantic experience.

    How I Love You
A Journal of My Affection
With hundreds of fill-in-the-blanks and leading questions, How I Love You will help you say everything you've always wanted, but have never had the words to say.

    How to Love Me
The Lovers’ Book of Questions
Geared specifically to women and the men who care for them, How to Love Me is designed to heat up and enhance a couple’s relationship. Filled with probing, inventive questions on love and sex, it’s sure to elicit eye-opening answers and take lovers on an exciting journey of discovery.


The Astrological Guide to Finding Lasting Love
Sure, other guides might tell you how to attract your cosmic match, but only this book shows you how to find Mr. Right and how to maintain a heavenly relationship with him when the (star)glow starts to dim.


    Lovers’ Massage Kit
An Interactive Pleasure Game
Sex, and everything associated with it, should be playful, uninhibited, and imaginative. And that’s exactly the spirit of this sexy massage kit for lovers. It goes way beyond the typical how-to book, with a unique format that features 90 massage cards: 30 techniques for her, 30 for him, and 30 for both of them.

The Secrets of Sexual Satisfaction
Love, romance, and intimacy: they’re fundamental to the human experience. That’s why it’s important to maintain a passionate, physical connection. This guide to pleasure helps couples do just that, giving them the power to revitalize their romance and keep the sexual heat turned way up to red-hot.

    The Rules of Love
The 64 Arts of the Kama Sutra
There’s never been a book quite like the Kama Sutra…until now. While the original—crafted so wisely as a love, courtship, and sex manual—is synonymous with the idea of erotic skills and exotic passion, some of its ideas just don’t apply to modern-day morals, practices, and culture.


    Wicked Quickies
52 Ways to Get it On Anytime, Anywhere
A hasty coupling can add a little jolt to the day, a little satisfaction on the go.Wicked Quickies is your guide to such fast and furious action: it's an entire year's worth of spontaneous ecstasy. Sexpert Audacia Ray describes the sassy, frisky encounters, each paired with a stylish, two-color illustration to spark reader imagination.

    Wild & Sexy
The Stunning Book of Thrilling Sex Positions
Wild and Sexy brings it all together so you can spice up your sex life like never before. Open this sexy how-to-do-it guide to any page and you'll discover an exciting new position presented with an evocative photograph and advice on making it extra pleasurable for you and your lover.