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The Penis Name Book
A Guide to Naming Man’s Best Friend
By David Rosenthal and Saryn Chorney

Boy, oh, boy, it's a difficult decision when it comes to naming a guy's manhood. Does one go respectable with Peter O'Toole? Or hip with the Big Lebowski? Or choose one with a little more flavor, like Charleston Chew? With so many possibilities, it could really drive a person nuts!
Lucky for those looking to nail down the perfect name for their (partner's) favorite body part, there's this book. It's a long, hard process coming up with an original name for a man's member, so this book doesn't beat around the bush. It pulls together 500 options, sizes them up, and helps you get down to business and choose the perfect fit.
At the end of the naming process, you will think your choice is a stroke of genius--and be relieved you're not just calling it Harry or Dick.

About the Author

DAVID ROSENTHAL lives in L.A. and, before writing this book, spent his time representing actors, writers, and directors at a Beverly Hills talentmanagement firm. He's had a penis his entire life.

SARYN CHORNEY is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in publications like People, the New York Post, Paper Magazine, and LAX Magazine. After dicking around in New York City for the past few years, Chorney now resides in Los Angeles.