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  Napkin Origami
25 Creative and Fun Ideas for Napkin Folding
Edited by Brian Sawyer

What happens when you take the time-honored tradition of paper folding to dinner? Napkin Origami! Now you can make any table setting the backdrop for your next work of art. Cloth napkins make for a luxurious accoutrement when folded for presentation. Paper napkins of all shapes and sizes can be transformed into whimsical animals, flowers, and even favorite foods. Malleable and forgiving, table linens are the perfect medium for creating gorgeous origami displays including: a man’s shirt and tie, a bunny rabbit, a carousel, a pair of angel’s wings, or a rocket ship. Inside you’ll find plenty of inspiring designs to grace the table at your next casual or formal event.

Choose from:

  • An emperor’s robe! Pair it with chopsticks for a dim sum gathering.
  • A collection of elegant seashells for a seaside wedding reception
  • An adorable pair of baby bootees for a surprise shower
  • A pirate ship for your son’s upcoming birthday party

Begin your napkin folding adventure with a simple model like the leaf. With a series of vertical pleats, a well-placed pinch, and a little final shaping, you can add a bit of natural wonder to any autumn feast. Want to make the little ones happy at Christmas dinner? With three colorful paper napkins, you can make each child a jolly origami Santa. Don’t forget to add chocolate chips for the eyes! When you’re feeling confident enough to tackle more intricate designs, try the butterfly. It may require a lot of steps, but this finished design adds a dose of drama to an otherwise ordinary lunch affair.

Many great moments in life happen over meals with family and friends. With Napkin Origami, you can use your creativity and folding skills to prolong, celebrate, and pay tribute to those moments. They’ll be delighted to see what origami surprise you’ll cook up next!