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Lovers’ Massage Kit
An Interactive Pleasure Game
By Melanie Linn
Photography by Allan Penn

Sex, and everything associated with it, should be playful, uninhibited, and imaginative. And that’s exactly the spirit of this sexy massage kit for lovers. It goes way beyond the typical how-to book, with a unique format that features 90 massage cards: 30 techniques for her, 30 for him, and 30 for both of them. Gorgeous photographs, as informative as they are sensual, illustrate each card; the accompanying how-to text explains all the erotic massage basics. Among the loving touches couples can enjoy exploring together: a mind (and mood) altering “temple” of love massage and “backscratchers.” And to add a little extra “spin” to the massage: the kit includes a six-sided die that turns the simple act of choosing a card into a sensual game for two.

Melanie Linn is an internationally certified massage therapist and body worker. After extensive training abroad Melanie returned to the U.S., where she has taught courses in massage therapy and led workshops on massage for couples. Her private massage practice focuses on prenatal, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapies.