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The Astrological Guide to Finding Lasting Love
By Judi Vitale

Catch a Gemini's eye--and hold it. Get a Pisces to commit. Start a family with an Aries.

Sure, other guides might tell you how to attract your cosmic match, but only this book shows you how to find Mr. Right and how to maintain a heavenly relationship with him when the (star)glow starts to dim. You'll learn the astrological secrets to each sign's heart, including:

  • How he'll behave as a date--and a mate
  • What he needs between the sheets
  • When he'll admit he's in love--and make a real commitment
  • How successful he'll be in the work world
  • What kind of husband and father he'll be
  • How to overcome relationship issues and problems, given his sign
  • And much more!

Armed with this celestial insight, you will unlock the mysteries of the man you love--one sign at a time. No matter who you fall for and why, this book will help you love--and understand--him for a lifetime.

About the Author
Judi Vitale is an accomplished astrologer and writer. She currently writes horoscopes for Marie Claire,, the UK's PRIMA magazine, AstroGirl Magazine, and She is also a certified Consulting Astrologer of the NCGR Professional Astrologers' Alliance.