Sticker Your Bricks: Style Your Building Brick Masterpieces with Reusable Stickers
By Amanda Brack

Are your LEGO creations missing something? Do you wish there was some way to add a little personality to your LEGO bricks? Then this sticker collection is for you! Decorate and design your LEGO bricks with stickers of all shapes and sizes, including animals, signs, flags, and more! This sticker book has everything you need to turn your LEGO creations into masterpieces!

Inside you’ll find everything you need to have hours of LEGO fun, including:

  • Reusable stickers in a variety of shapes and styles
  • 20 original photos with examples of how to maximize sticker use
  • Written instructions on how to use the stickers to make LEGO works of art

No LEGO enthusiast should be without this collection of reusable stickers! Sticker Your Bricks is sure to bring your LEGO designs to the next level.