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Flippin' Awesome: Water Bottle Flip Games, Tricks and Stunts for Everyone!
By Sarah Doughty

Flip your way to fame and glory!

Join the worldwide craze with Flippin' Awesome, the complete player’s guide to the ultimate new sport of water bottle flipping. Flippin’ Awesome features twelve incredible target games for hours of intense head-to-head competition and fun. Flip your way to a strike-out with the Full Count Flip, make like a human spatula with Flippin’ Burgers, or toss your way to sweet, sweet victory playing Glaze of Glory. Master new tricks and techniques like “capping” and the “sailor flip” to bring your skills to a whole new level. Inspirational quotes from your favorite athletes will keep you motivated as you sweat it out learning killer maneuvers and racking up the highest scores. Ready to become a legend? Grab your tricked-out bottles, turn up your victory playlist, and let the games begin!

  • Winning techniques for landing each and every flip
  • 12 ready-to-play, fold-out target games
  • Tear-away score cards to track your stats and your wins