Press Pause: A Journal for Self-Care, Intention, and Slowing Down
By Miranda Hersey

Life moving too fast? Press pause!

You don’t need to live your life feeling frazzled. Press Pause is a gentle reminder that we all need to honor self-care. Each page is a guide into just how to give ourselves what we need in refreshing ways. Press Pause goes beyond bubble baths to help you find ways to support your physical, mental, and spiritual health that feel comfortable for you―and fit into your real life.

  • Over 120 pages of ideas and inspiration to help you slow down and find renewed energy
  • OGet the little secrets with powerful promises for a stronger, healthier you
  • OGive yourself the gift of minutes a day―devoted to your care and well-being!

Ready to reduce stress, improve your health and happiness, and feel you’re at your best? Start with Press Pause!