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How to Love Me
The Lovers’ Book of Questions
By Ali Davis

Geared specifically to women and the men who care for them, How to Love Me is designed to heat up and enhance a couple’s relationship. Filled with probing, inventive questions on love and sex, it’s sure to elicit eye-opening answers and take lovers on an exciting journey of discovery. Most important of all, the guide helps women and men express their true feelings to their partners and reveal exactly how they want to be loved, emotionally and physically. The questions range from the quirky to the serious, inquiring into expectations, hopes, dreams, and desires. From your turn-ons to taboos, feelings towards your partner to thoughts about marriage, these questions allow you to articulate it all!

Ali Davis has worked as a freelance writer and copy editor for more than ten years. Her humour essays have been published in Salon, Swivel and Fresh Yarn and appeared on NPR's This American Life. Ali also writes personal quizzes for and and is the author of True Porn Clerk Stories, one of the first blogs to reach more than one million hits.