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Him and Her
The Ultimate Guide to Your Lover
By Tseverin Furey and Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D.
Photography by Allan Penn

Thoughtfully written and sumptuously illustrated with photos shot on location in an exquisite California setting, Him + Her contains a treasure trove of information guaranteed to improve a couple’s entire romantic experience. Packaged together in a slipcase, with one volume dedicated to HIM, and the other to HER, the two books explain the subtleties of a lover’s body and mind, suggest tender and amorous gestures geared to pleasing each gender, list turn-ons specific to men and women, and show how these tips and tricks can heighten sensual enjoyment. The text touches on all the hot-button sexual and emotional issues for men and women, and what both sexes learn about each other is bound to be a revelation. Him + Her is a great gift for every couple.

Dr. Victoria Zdrok is a clinical psychologist and well-known sex expert who has also been a Playboy Playmate of the Month and a Penthouse Pet of the Year.

Tseverin Furey is a freelance writer and expert in men’s sexuality.