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Skinny Juices: 101 Juice Recipes for Detox and Weight Loss
By Danielle Omar

Juicing is the perfect way to cleanse the body with living enzymes, mineral–rich hydration, and easy–to–absorb nutrients. Many experts agree that juicing is the best way to banish toxins—but store–bought juices can be expensive. Skinny Juices is an easy–to–use guide covering all the basics: the difference between juicing and blending, the philosophy behind juicing and detoxification, how to prep a detox–friendly kitchen, and tips for choosing the right juicer.

The heart of Skinny Juices is 101 recipes emphasizing super foods and special health-promoting ingredients, along with a ten–day weight loss plan that incorporates clean eating. With detailed information on superfood ingredients that support detox, a list of foods to juice for specific nutrients, substitution suggestions, and tips and tricks for saving money, you’ll learn how to squeeze the most out of juicing!