Dear Asshole
101 Tear-Out Letters to the Morons Who Muck Up Your Life
by Jillian Madison and Michelle Madison

Ever wish you had a pen and paper so you could leave a nasty note for that jerk in the Hummer who parked you in, or the asshole always attached to his Bluetooth? Good thing you picked
up this book.

Dear Asshole is your unfiltered collection of 101 tear-out letters to the idiots you are forced to encounter on a daily basis. Whether it’s the asshole who tried to fix you up, the asshole
backseat driver, the asshole always asking you for favors, or the asshole who didn’t flush the toilet—there are so many assholes to choose from! This book guarantees to help you make the world a little bit less annoying. Take it from us, it’s not easy work.