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Best Dump and Freeze Treats: Frozen Fruit Salads, Pies, Fluffs, and More Retro Desserts
By Monica Sweeney

Refreshing and easy, these 1950s chilled desserts are awesome

These retro-style treats are fun to make and fun to eat. Using ingredients you can find at any supermarket, these easy recipes combine something creamy (think Cool Whip, sweetened condensed milk, or cream cheese) with something fruity (if you’re feeling lazy, old-school canned fruit is a surprisingly delicious option) or something chocolate. Just mix it up and freeze it. If you’re feeling fancy, dump it into a ready-made piecrust before freezing! Recipes include:

• Frozen Ambrosia
• Southern Cherry Fluff
• Orange Cream Fruit Salad
• Frozen Key Lime Pie
• Banana Split Salad

Great for any occasion, these desserts are real crowd-pleasers.

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