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Almonds Every Which Way: More than 150 Healthy & Delicious Almond Milk, Almond Flour, and Almond Butter Recipes
By Brooke McLay

While there are cookbooks devoted to almond flour, there is no cookbook yet devoted to recipes using other almondbased ingredients, such as almond milk and almond butter. Whether you’re dairy–free, peanut-free, gluten–free, vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, or low–carb, you want to know how to incorporate these superfoods into your diet. With the health benefits of this wonder-nut being touted in just about every trendy diet, the time is right for Almonds Every Which Way.

Foodie, blogger, recipe developer, and mom Brooke McLay crafts delicious recipes for everything–almond: vanilla almond milk and almond honey butter, Paleo almond banana pancakes, French almond croissants, pumpkin–almond donut muffins, peach cobbler smoothies, almond butter pretzel bites, and even fish tacos with chipotle-almond marinade and pineapple salsa.