1,001 Facts that Will Scare the S&!t Out of You
The Ultimate Bathroom Reader
by Cary McNeal

The world is a frightening place. If the information in this book scares the sh*t out of you, good. You're probably reading it on the crapper, anyway, and what better place to be scared sh*tless? Isn't that the idea, to be sh*tless?

From the sneaky fish that can swim up our genitals to the e coli bacteria lurking in the very water we drink, disturbing phenomena are everywhere we turn. Educational, entertaining, and undeniably horrifying, this book isn't guaranteed to help you go to the bathroom, but it's certain to make your time there more memorable.

Cary McNeal is an Emmy-winning TV writer and producer who has written comedy for Mike Myers, Chris Tucker, Fred Willard and Jackie Chan. He writes for several websites including Asylum.com, Guyspeak.com, and his blog, List Of The Day